Stephanie Beaumont

My experience runs the gamut, my skill set varied and unique. At the heart of all my endeavours – I am at my core a communicator and I’d love to tell your story!

Festival & Event Management

Whether you’re looking to plan that long weekend away family reunion or mount the umpteenth annual event for your town – we’ll handle every last detail so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy yourself.

Comprehensive Project Management

When your background is as all encompassing and your experience base is as diverse – it’s fair to say the nature of projects managed by Rae of Hope Productions over the years really has run the gamut. So when we were approached to do ALL of them (plus a few new ones) ALL at once for an international client – we were more than a little stoked

Web Design & Content Creation

EVERYTHING you share across EVERY platform – from your website, to your social media streams and beyond should always be a true reflection of your brand. Rae of Hope Productions specializes in delivering just that!

Capturing Community Events

Capturing Great Events

It’s one thing to hear about an amazing festival or annual gathering – it’s something else entirely to actually be there and take it all in. Rae of Hope Productions specializes in making the viewer feel as if they actually were.