We love shining the spotlight on the amazing communities around Atlantic Canada.

From new and established retail districts, to annual gatherings, historical highlights to stellar citizens – our fabulous features will capture the magic of every location, event and idividual – and proudly promote what makes spot special. No matter the season!!!

From videos production to specialty features, social media campaigns to contests – we look forward to celebrating your corner of the planet with the rest of the world.

While you’re have a look at some of our previous programs along Canada’s EAST coast.

Celebrating the Nova Scotia town of New Glasgow – feature link here

Celebrating Fredericton’s FROSTival in New Brunsick – feature link click here

Discovering Water Street in downtown St.John’s, NL – feature link here

Celebrating the SEAson in Chartlottetown, Prince Edward Island – feature link here

Celebrating Celtic Colours International Festival on Cape Breton Island – feature link here

For plenty more episodes of SEA AND BE SCENE TV visit our Episode Catalog here



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