Capturing Great Events

It’s one thing to hear about an amazing festival or annual gathering – it’s something else entirely to actually be there and take it all in. Rae of Hope Productions specializes in making the viewer feel like they really were.

Be it a simple sights and sounds video or a full blown special – we’ll ensure everything that makes your event “one-of-a-kind” is captured for all to see.

From one on one interviews with the organizers and key players, to capturing the performances and chatting with the patrons, to getting in on the action – we’ll showcase ALL the things that make your event special and create a “just like being there” marketing showpiece.

Here’s a look at our latest Event Special – created for The Wharf Rat Rally Association in Digby, Nova Scotia.  After being so pleased with how we captured their weekend event on SEA AND BE SCENE TV back in 2013 (watch here) – the board hired Rae of Hope Productions to create a brand new 30 minute show to be used as their marketing tool at trade shows and industry events. Take a look at all the fun…

If you’re looking to share your special event with the world – please drop us a line.  We’d be so pleased to discuss the opportunity and chat about the how best to capture all the magic!


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