Comprehensive Project Management

When your background is as all encompassing and your experience base is as diverse – it’s fair to say the nature of projects managed by Rae of Hope Productions over the years really has run the gamut. So when we were approached to do ALL of them (plus a few new ones) ALL at once for an international client – we were more than a little stoked.

The laundry list of “To Dos” was very very long (our longest ever) – the timelines, however, were well… without question – short. The task was to take a 30-year old restaurant (a little off the beaten track) and create a stellar must-do destination. The client’s mission statement was to make it “The best place for coffee and ice cream on Nova Scotia’s South Shore,” so clearly having everything ready for the summer season was a must. With the major renovations beginning April 1st there was no time to delay.

Once the client signed off on the colours and interior design we worked with the general contractor, plumbers and electricians to ensure renovations went according to plan and everything was delivered as expected. We also worked with the client to shop and source everything from major appliances to lighting fixtures, furniture and POS systems. We even worked with the client to secure the menu and created a truly delicious hook to get folks travelling from all over the province just to try it! #wafflewave

Our brand design strategy and social media efforts were on-going – from start to launch and all summer season long – including everything from logo design management to website design and online advertising, from image and video production to interior and exterior signage. If it had anything to do with getting the word out and getting customers in – we did it! We even got to work our event planning arm of the business with Guest Chef dinners, live entertainment and a fun fall festival at the end of the season.

A huge part of delivering on the brand strategy was building the perfect team to deliver so Rae of Hope even managed the human resource side of the launch – including hiring a stellar slate of of summer staff with on campus recruiting, team building workshops and on the job training sessions.

Our originally contracted 6 months was extended through to 8 months so that we could see our clients through to the end of the summer season. What an opportunity!!!