Stephanie Beaumont

My experience runs the gamut, my skill set varied and unique. At the heart of all my endeavours – I am at my core a communicator.

As a performer and broadcaster – I recognize the elements that go into a successful presentation.

way over my heart coverAs an independent artist I negotiated contracts, booked backup bands, hired crew and planned tours – from outdoor weekend festivals with thousands of concert goers to intimate soft-seater theatres. 

As the remote host/producer of multiple morning shows, both in radio and television, I have covered everything from theatre productions and sporting events, to community festivities and rock shows. I have seen first hand what it takes from every perspective – back stage, front of house and behind the scenes.

Stephanie Beaumont producer & host AFF35 specialAs a producer, writer and editor with over 4 seasons of visual story telling I thrive on creating programs that are informative, entertaining and truly fun to watch.

As a marketer and event planner – my clients ranged from multi-national organizations like Pepsi and Rubbermaid to very small start-ups. I appreciate the need to get the message out in a strategic and timely fashion, and at the same time have the business acumen to understand the importance of doing so as cost effectively as possible. I have managed everything from national broadcast campaigns to corporate video production, executive weekend retreats to week-long national conferences with thousands of delegates. I thrive at working with and meeting deadlines, be it as part of a big team or going it solo. I’m no stranger to hard work and have always enjoyed an ever-changing environment.

Stephanie Beaumont SABSAs a huge promoter of Canada’s East Coast – I celebrate the personalities and places that make this corner of the world so special. I recognize how critical it is to tell the stories and raise awareness for the region, building the profile of the artists and businesses both within Atlantic Canada and around the world.

For over 10 years now, I’ve been celebrating the four Atlantic Provinces on my website My skills in social media marketing are very strong, as are my talents for content creation, development and design.

I am a people person with a tremendously strong work ethic.

I am constantly creating and promoting, and thrive on challenge.

I have worked successfully within organizations of hundreds and small firms of less than 10 – including my office of one here at RAE OF HOPE PRODUCTIONS.

You can click here to review my current resume which also includes details of my degree from Western University as well as my time as an independent recording artist and my years in retail too.

Lakeside Cottage Renovation SABStv

Not listed on my resume, but worth noting for the record are the various home and cottage decorating projects I have done over the years. You can watch an episode of my most recent project by clicking here.

I should tell you too – that I love what I do – all of it and there’s still plenty of developments on the horizon.

Stephanie Beaumont social media links rohFor a people person like me these are exciting times! sb

You can find and follow me on Twitter @SeaAndBeScene

And on Instagram at @therealseaandbescene

Oh and if by chance you wanted to check out my music videos – just click here!